Helping to defend Ukraine cyberspace

Joined initiative by Hideez, and Yubico

Cyberwarfare madness

Since the start of the war, Ukraine had an average of 500-1000x increase in cyber attacks. Russian hackers are trying to take down Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, steal sensitive data, and cause panic.

Cybersecurity is paramount

Ukraine’s success is not only in it’s military resilience, but as well ability to defend cyberspace, and ensure that all Ukrainians have functional country. Quarter of Ukraine is destroy, and yet, anyone with internet can order new passport, open a bank account, sell and buy properties, pay taxes. Ukraine’s digital initiatives, and upfront work to create strong digital networks, now pays off. Digitalization is the new national security foundation.

We want to

Make Ukraine the most cyber secure country on the planet

Ukraine must not only have strong militarily, but be unbeatable in cyberspace. Ukraine is already showing an amazing results in cyberdefence, but we have a chance, and we must use it, to make Ukraine a prime example of how to build strong, and effective cyber defence, by integrating latest and best, and making new policy framework around it.

Supported by the Ukrainian government

We are already working with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Nation Security, and State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. We are as well working with the largest critical infrastructure providers

Transparency and efficiency

Our goal is to secure Ukraine. Nothing more, nothing less. We do no play games. We do not take cuts. We do not do corruption. We provide monthly transparency reports, and our dealing are all on official bases.

Ukraine is above all

Our goal is ensure that Ukraine is safe. We are installing, configuring, and supporting for not costs what so ever. Officially signing contracts, and officially state that all services coming at no costs. This is the last we can do to help secure Ukraine.

Our current goal

100,000 Security Keys

The only way to defend Ukrainian government, and critical infrastructure is with cutting edge, phishing resistant, authentication solutions that use FIDO Alliance's protocols. Our goal is to deploy one hundred thousand keys by end of 2022, and 1,000,000 by the end of 2023

Looking for funding

Hideez has a team of 15, based in Ukraine. We are looking for funding to keep paying salaries, increase our team as we expand into more projects, and more Ukraine govt deployments.

Looking for more keys

We have a total of 30,000 keys today, that Yubico were kind to donate to us, but we are looking for additional funding to purchase more Yubikeys.

Looking for hardware

Our partners and ministries lost a lot of hardware. We need laptops, servers, network equipment, as well as bulletproof vests and helmets for our SSSCIP and other agencies that are working on restoring critical infrastructure in the warzone, and after bombing. Soon:

Defeat is not an option

Helping us defending Ukraine, means that you don’t have to worry about defending your own country from the same crisis. This war is not about Ukraine vs Russia. This is Putin vs all civilised world. Ukraine must win.

Who we are?

  1. Hideez Group Inc. US-Ukrainian enterprise identity startup based in Kyiv. Hideez been working hard on deploying FIDO solutions, and Yubikeys in the field, and helping Ukrainian government with cybersecurity.

  1. Yubico is a world leading manufacturer of the multifactor authentication solutions, known as Yubikeys. Yubico has co-created FIDO U2F and FIDO2/WebAuthn standards. Yubico been fundamental to our success by supporting Ukraine from the day one of the war.

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